First Date Dos and Don’ts

First date dos and don’ts

First date dos and don’ts explained, did you finally get around to asking that girl you have been eyeing on a date? If so, when is the big day? What do you have planned? If you have yet to have your date or even start planning it, continue reading on for a helpful list of first date dos and don’ts.

First date dos and don’ts
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First date dos and don’ts – A.

DO pay for the date. You asked; therefore, you should pay. If the relationship grows and results in more dates, then consider alternating payment or splitting the bill, but for the first date, you should pay. As for why this tops the list, it may require a little bit of savings on your part. If you are a teenager with limited cash flow or if you opt for a fancy restaurant, you need to prepare ahead of time.

First date dos and don’ts -B.

DON’T pour on the cologne. Unfortunately, many guys think the more the cologne the better. This isn’t true! Only splash a dap of cologne on you. Even girls who don’t have allergies will have reactions to strong cologne or too much of it. So don’t ruin your date; don’t cover yourself in it.

First date dos and don’ts -C.

DO wear something nice. What you wear should depend on what type of date you plan. For example, a long hike and a picnic may call for sport pants, but leave them at home if you opt for the movies. Always wear clean clothes, but make sure you are comfortable.

First date dos and don’ts – D.

DON’T go overdressed. As stated above, you want to look nice for your upcoming date, but don’t overdo it. By overdressing, both you and your date will feel uncomfortable. If you opt for a movie, a pair of nice jeans, kaki pants, and a clean shirt will do. Unless you take your date to an elegant restaurant, leave the prom gear and eveningwear at home.

First date dos and don’ts – E.

DO think of topics to discuss ahead of time. First dates are awkward. If you don’t really know the girl, you may wonder which topics are okay to discuss on a first date. If you do know the girl, you may be at a loss for words because well you already know her. For that reason, think of topics to discuss in advance. Popular news stories, movies, and sports are good topics.

First date dos and don’ts – F.

DON’T apply too much pressure on yourself. As previously stated, first dates are awkward. Rarely are they 100% perfect. There will be some weird and slightly embarrassing moments, no matter how hard you try. For that reason, don’t apply too much pressure on yourself. In fact, just be yourself.

First date dos and don’ts – G.

DO be yourself. One of the reasons why first dates are awkward is because most of us try too hard to impress the one we are with. Of course, you want to go out of your way to be polite, but that is about it. If you aren’t known for holding doors open for women or saying please and thank you, do it. Being polite and showing respect is vital to a successful first date, but other than that just be yourself.

First date dos and don’ts – H.

DON’T be late. Whether you pick your date up or meet her at the destination, do not be late. In fact, be early. Making your date wait is the quickest way to ruin a first date, as well as a potential long-term relationship.

First date dos and don’ts – I.

DO have fun. Whether you are 16 years old or 46 years old, it is common to be nervous about a date. You should take the time to plan and prepare for your date, by thinking of topics to discuss and making sure you have enough money to foot the bill, but don’t let it consume you. On your date, remember to be yourself, let loose, and have fun.

First date dos and don’ts – J.

DON’T apply pressure for a second date. At the end of your date, you may have had a good time, but that does not mean your date did. If you want a second date, ask, but don’t apply too much pressure. Tell your date you had a lot of fun and that you would like to do it again. Make sure she has your phone number and put the ball in their court. Let her call if she is interested in a second date.

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