First Date Etiquette

First date etiquette

First date etiquette is a fantastic bright idea, it does require respect to the person’s that you intend to meet and possibly to date. Respect for life is the keyword to expand and fully realize. Expanding the mind fully to all aspects of social interactions, manners, values, qualities and qualifications.  You may like to take your first date to an opera, a classical music concert, maybe a ballet, to broaden the horizons of your social spiritual and emotional awareness and consciousness.  Life is a process of growing and personal development in all areas of life continuously from the beginning to the end, there is no  stopping in learning and personal development.

First date etiquette
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Are you a guy who just scored your first date with a new girl? If so, you may be excited and you should be. Although etiquette may be the very last thing on your mind, you should still consider it. If you want to score a second date, you need to make sure the first is picture perfect.

When it comes to meeting for a date, you have two options. You can pick her up or meet her at your destination. When possible, opt for a pickup. Even if you have to drive 15 minutes out of your way, do so. This gets your night started off on the right foot. If you and your date meet at the destination, offer to take her home if she took public transportation, like the bus or a taxi.

One of the most important rules of dating is to show up on time. Whether you pickup your date or meet her there, never be late. Even 5 minutes is too long to make your date wait. If you are not only interested in a second date, but a long-term relationship, show up on time. Leave early and call if you can’t avoid being late.

Even if you knew a girl before your first official date, it is still here where you will make the biggest first impression. So, make sure it is good. You must look presentable. This means wear something nice. Is your lucky t-shirt covered in stains and holed? If so, leave it at home. Do not over-dress, but never under-dress.

The quickest way to a girl’s heart on a first date is to show your interest. An easy way to do this is with eye contact. Always make eye contact with your woman. This can be hard when on a date with a beautiful girl, but it is a must. Is she talking to you? You better be looking in her eyes. This shows that you are paying attention to her, not her breasts or another girl across the room.

On a first date, politeness is important. Not only do you need to be polite to your date, but to those around you. Are you at a restaurant? Say please and thank you to your waiter and don’t start an argument or make a scene if something doesn’t go your way. Your date isn’t only gauging how you treat her, but how you treat others too.

A first date is not the time to say “I love you.” Are you absolutely smitten with your date? If so, that is good, but keep your lips sealed. It is okay to tell a girl you really like her, but leave the love word for later in the relationship. A first date does not translate into marriage, sex, or soul mates. If you try to make it, you may end the evening alone and a second date will only happen in your dreams.

If you just ended a long-term relationship, you may be feeling a wide array of emotions. You may be excited about your new date, but wondering what could of happened with your ex-girlfriend. This is okay and a natural feeling, but don’t utter a word. Past relationships should never be discussed on a first date. The moment you mention your ex-girlfriend, is the moment your first date is ruined. Your woman will only think about how she compares or if she is simply just a rebound date.

Most importantly, never assume you will get sex. Yes, some women do have sex on the first date, but not all. You do not want to pressure your date or disappoint yourself. For that reason, never assume you will get sex on the first date. Just be happy with a kiss. Your patience and understanding, should the woman want to wait, can help lead to a second date.

In short, you need to be polite and show your date respect. By doing so, you will both have a good time. In fact, your first date may lead to a second date, a third date, and possibly a long-term relationship.

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First Date Dos and Don’ts

First date dos and don’ts

First date dos and don’ts explained, did you finally get around to asking that girl you have been eyeing on a date? If so, when is the big day? What do you have planned? If you have yet to have your date or even start planning it, continue reading on for a helpful list of first date dos and don’ts.

First date dos and don’ts
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First date dos and don’ts – A.

DO pay for the date. You asked; therefore, you should pay. If the relationship grows and results in more dates, then consider alternating payment or splitting the bill, but for the first date, you should pay. As for why this tops the list, it may require a little bit of savings on your part. If you are a teenager with limited cash flow or if you opt for a fancy restaurant, you need to prepare ahead of time.

First date dos and don’ts -B.

DON’T pour on the cologne. Unfortunately, many guys think the more the cologne the better. This isn’t true! Only splash a dap of cologne on you. Even girls who don’t have allergies will have reactions to strong cologne or too much of it. So don’t ruin your date; don’t cover yourself in it.

First date dos and don’ts -C.

DO wear something nice. What you wear should depend on what type of date you plan. For example, a long hike and a picnic may call for sport pants, but leave them at home if you opt for the movies. Always wear clean clothes, but make sure you are comfortable.

First date dos and don’ts – D.

DON’T go overdressed. As stated above, you want to look nice for your upcoming date, but don’t overdo it. By overdressing, both you and your date will feel uncomfortable. If you opt for a movie, a pair of nice jeans, kaki pants, and a clean shirt will do. Unless you take your date to an elegant restaurant, leave the prom gear and eveningwear at home.

First date dos and don’ts – E.

DO think of topics to discuss ahead of time. First dates are awkward. If you don’t really know the girl, you may wonder which topics are okay to discuss on a first date. If you do know the girl, you may be at a loss for words because well you already know her. For that reason, think of topics to discuss in advance. Popular news stories, movies, and sports are good topics.

First date dos and don’ts – F.

DON’T apply too much pressure on yourself. As previously stated, first dates are awkward. Rarely are they 100% perfect. There will be some weird and slightly embarrassing moments, no matter how hard you try. For that reason, don’t apply too much pressure on yourself. In fact, just be yourself.

First date dos and don’ts – G.

DO be yourself. One of the reasons why first dates are awkward is because most of us try too hard to impress the one we are with. Of course, you want to go out of your way to be polite, but that is about it. If you aren’t known for holding doors open for women or saying please and thank you, do it. Being polite and showing respect is vital to a successful first date, but other than that just be yourself.

First date dos and don’ts – H.

DON’T be late. Whether you pick your date up or meet her at the destination, do not be late. In fact, be early. Making your date wait is the quickest way to ruin a first date, as well as a potential long-term relationship.

First date dos and don’ts – I.

DO have fun. Whether you are 16 years old or 46 years old, it is common to be nervous about a date. You should take the time to plan and prepare for your date, by thinking of topics to discuss and making sure you have enough money to foot the bill, but don’t let it consume you. On your date, remember to be yourself, let loose, and have fun.

First date dos and don’ts – J.

DON’T apply pressure for a second date. At the end of your date, you may have had a good time, but that does not mean your date did. If you want a second date, ask, but don’t apply too much pressure. Tell your date you had a lot of fun and that you would like to do it again. Make sure she has your phone number and put the ball in their court. Let her call if she is interested in a second date.

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First Date Advice

First Date Advice

First date advice can be very useful when you have someone in mind that you would like to make a positive impression. or may you have already asked some one out for a date, how did it work out?

Did you ask a girl you like out on a date? Did she say yes? Right about now, you may be excited. As your date approaches, your excitement may turn to nervousness. What should I wear? How should I act? Where should we go? Continue reading on for a few helpful tips.

First date advice
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Planning the Date

When you asked the girl on a date, what did you say? If you asked her to the movies, that is where you should go. Do not change a date location without first speaking to her. This is one of the fastest ways to ruin a first date. If you want to sneak in dinner or a drinks, that is okay, but always live up to your words. If you do make changes, discuss them in advance.

If you asked the girl if she would like to go out with you, but didn’t provide her with a destination, start thinking about it now. Don’t decide at the last minute, as this may result in disaster. The best first dates are those where you can have fun and get to know the girl. Opt for movie and a dinner, an outdoor concert, a picnic, bowling, and so forth. If you are still at a loss for ideas, ask her for suggestions.

There are two ways to arrive at a date, together or separate. When possible, you want to drive your date. She may not accept your offer, but at least make it.

Preparing for Your Date

For most men, preparation begins a few hours before date time. Yes, this is true, but think about costs. If you are on a budget, you need to financially prepare for your date ahead of time. You can prevent this from becoming a problem by opting for an affordable destination. For example, don’t choose a restaurant where you can’t afford half the food on the menu.

Most guys prepare for a date by showering. This is a small, but important step. Show up clean. If you don’t think you will have enough time, try to leave work early, skip your afternoon at the gym, and so forth. Do not assume that loading cologne on will hide your smell. It may, but your date may also have a bad reaction to it.

First date advice – The Date

You want to make a good first impression with your date. The easiest way to do this is to arrive early. Never be late for date. If you will be late, call immediately. Do not assume that all women are alike and running late. Some women run on schedule. Even still, you want to be on time even if you have to wait a few minutes for her.

The goal of a first date is to learn more about the one you are with. For that reason, keep on talking. Pauses in a conversation are common, but try to prevent them. Ask your date questions and she should do the same. If not, talk a little bit about yourself.

The most important thing to remember about first dates is that they aren’t supposed to be perfect. Rarely will a first date go 100% as planned. There will always be awkward moments. There will always be pauses in the conversation and one of you is likely to say something slightly embarrassing. If your first date doesn’t go as planned, don’t panic. Hopefully, you will have a second chance to make a good impression.

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Sports Massage Method

Sports Massage Method

Sports Massage Method described in a nutshell, the Sports Massage Method is a specialty massage technique that was created and developed with athletes in mind. And as such, the Sports Massage prepares the bodies of professional and amateur sports persons for their best possible performance before participating in a sport and it then helps their bodies to recover afterwards. However, just because the Sports Massage was designed for those participating in sports, you do not have to be an athlete to reap the benefits from it. After all, athletes are not the only people who get injured and they by no means hold the monopoly on pain.


Sports Massage Method
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Sports Massage Method development

The Sports Massage is, in effect, one of several forms of the Swedish massage and it promotes an increased circulation of blood and lymph fluids in the body. To break down or dissolve adhesion’s, which are painful clumps or knots within the muscles, and to widen the range of motion of stiffened joints, trigger point therapy is incorporated as part of the Sports Massage session. There are four different types of Sports Massage therapies and their distinction is made primarily by its time of performance in relations to the athlete’s sport activity. In other words, it is mainly their timing which makes them different from one another. The four types of Sports Massages are designated as follows:

  • Pre-Event Sports Massage. The Pre-Event Sport Massage is a vigorous but shortened massage treatment that lasts anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes and is performed right before the sports event. Its main focus is on those specific parts of the athlete’s body which will be most intensively involved in the action.
  • Post-Event Sports Massage. The Post-Event Sport Massage is performed within an hour or two of the event and its aim is to return bodies to their normal state by helping them recover from the hard work in the shortest time possible.
  • Restorative Sports Massage. The Restorative Sports Massage is applied while the athlete is in training and it helps him or her practice harder while, at the same time, decreasing the chances of incurring injuries.
  • Rehabilitative Sports Massage. The Rehabilitative Sports Massage is there to pick up the proverbial pieces by treating the injuries which resulted from the exertion of the sport. The foremost objective of Rehabilitative Sports Massage is to relieve pain and to return the body to its former, pre-injury state.

Sports Massage Method for injury prevention

So, whether you are a professional or an amateur athlete or simply a citizen of the world who happens to have a precise problem such as a sore knee from your morning jog around the block or a frozen should because you slept on the wrong side of the bed or a stiff back because you forgot to use your legs when lifting the grocery back and so on, do yourself a favor and see a Sports Massage therapist. And the best way to find one is by getting referrals from reliable sources or by doing some research. The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) suggests that you ask the following questions when interviewing a potential Sports Massage therapist or any other type of massage therapist, for that matter:

  • Did you graduate from a program accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA)?
  • Are you licensed or registered as a massage therapist in this state?
  • Are you certified by the national Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)?
  • Do you have training in any specific massage modalities?

Beyond all that, you should just relax and enjoy the process while your body is being directed onto the path of healing.

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Orthopedic Massage

Orthopedic Massage

Occasionally referred to as an orthopedic massage, Clinical massage is an entire array of manipulation techniques designed to assess and then to minister to soft tissue injuries and these may include but are not limited to: massage therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle-energy techniques, craniosacral therapy, deep tissue massage and so on. The Clinical massage therapy is usually based on a physician’s prescription and directives as a series of treatment sessions to be performed over a set period of time and at specified frequency as related only to a specific need. In that regard, this therapy is most often performed with a particular and purposeful outcome in mind, and its first and foremost objectives are to relieve pain, to increase the range of motion and to help repair and restore soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments to their normal and healthy functions.

The first of the doctor-prescribed set of sessions is predominantly devoted to assessment or diagnostics of the client’s true condition and with all the data collected an action plan can be formulated:

* By using various levels of palpation or touching of the ailing body part, the massage therapist will pinpoint the exact location as well as determine the levels of pain.

* The range of motion and the strength of the muscles is tested through a sequence of movements such as a passive movement which involves the massage therapist moving the relevant muscle groups while the client is inert; an active movement which involves the client’s own movement of the muscles in questions; and the resisted movement which involves the clients’ movement against a resisting force.

* If clinical data related to previous soft tissue injuries and massage therapy is available, it will be reviewed for comparison to the current situation and the phase of healing will be determined.

* The findings are closely reviewed along with the doctor’s orders and a customized Clinical massage therapy is drawn up.

Most every condition of the soft tissues can benefit from Clinical massage to some extent, but the following list displays dysfunctions which respond most advantageously to its application:

Myofascial Pain. Pain and physiological dysfunctions are known to begin at specific points within muscles and their connective tissues which are also known as fascia. These are appropriately referred to as trigger points because they tend to set off or trigger reactions at remote locations.

Scientists and researchers have successful recorded comprehensive map systems of myofascial trigger points and they have been able to identify dozens of dysfunctions relating to them. The most common of these are: carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ dysfunction, PMS, headache, diarrhea, dizziness, cardiac arrhythmia, indigestion, tennis elbow, urinary frequency, sinusitis, deafness and blurred vision.

Fascial Plane Dysfunction. Fascia covers nearly the entire body in large endlessly connected sheets which can be distorted and bound to themselves and nearby tissues when inflicted with injury, misalignment or a chemical imbalance. To promote optimal health, the fascial sheets and the blood vessels and nerves which follow them must be in good conditions.

Neuromuscular Dysfunction. Even the simplest and the tiniest of movements of the body requires armies of nerve impulses to be sent to the muscle which is directly involved, as well as to the adjoining and opposing muscles. And it must all be accomplished with precision of timing and proportions. When the mechanics of any part of these functions break down, muscle fibers or entire muscles lock.

Tonus System Dysfunction. Overused muscles become hypertonic or lose their ability to relax. Consequently, they tighten and cause stress on opposing muscles and on the joints they cross.

Dermatomic Dysfunction. When nerves are pinched anywhere along their path, pain will be delivered to the area they serve.

Spondylogenic Dysfunction. When joints of the spine are impaired or compressed, pain will occur in that specific area.

Stated more simply, people suffering from muscle or joint pains or tightness, muscle fatigue or tension, shooting or spreading pains, allergies or asthma, anxiety or depression, irregularity of the digestive system, arthritis or circulatory problems, sleep disorders, headaches, immune function disorders or stress, they can be helped as their symptoms can be relieved through Clinical massage.

Hot Stones Therapy Massage

Hot Stones Therapy Massage

Hot Stones Therapy Massage is a therapeutic massage technique in which a heated stone is held by the massage therapist who uses it to apply the customary and traditional Swedish massage strokes. Because they have the tendency to absorb heat and retain it for extended periods of time, the stones which are used are usual smooth, black volcanic basalt rocks of various sizes and shapes. For the most part, these rocks are heated in water at 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Native Americans are known to also have used hot stones for medicinal purposes but those were heated by direct fire. This technique of fire-heated stones was restored by Mary Nelson, a native of Tucson, Arizona and she trademarked it as LaStone Therapy.

Hot Stones Therapy Massage

Hot stones therapy massage effects

Primarily due to the effects of the heat from the stones, the Hot Stone massage is profoundly calming and delightfully relaxing as it rapidly releases the tension out of every soft tissue, be it muscle, tendon or ligament, which is included in this treatment while gentle and comforting peace washes over the client almost immediately. The hot stones are used throughout the entire session to massage, to stroke, to press, to manipulate and to knead the client’s soft tissues. On occasion, heated stones are laid out to rest at strategic spots along the spine as well as in the palms of the client’s hands and between the toes. This maneuver promotes the optimal flow of energy throughout the entire body. As soon as the stones cool down, the massage therapist will replace them with newly heated ones but areas that are inflamed, injured or swollen, will often be treated with cold stones instead of the hot ones.

Hot Stones therapy massage procedure

To derive the most out of the Hot Stone massage therapy, clients are encouraged to:

  • Indicate any discomforts such as those which might be created by stones which are too hot, by the massage therapist applying pressure with too much force, by the background music which may be too loud, by the room temperature which could be too hot or too cold and so on.
  • Refrain from consuming a heavy meal and to abstain from ingesting any amount of alcohol shortly before the session.
  • Arrive in plenty of time to check in and to relax before the treatment.
  • Take a sauna, a steam bath or a hot tub before the session as it will relax and soften the muscles for better end results from the entire treatment. If the hot tub was treated with chlorine, the clients are asked to take hot showers in order to rinse off the chemical.
  • Remove all their clothing and be assured that they will remain completely covered with a towel. This will give the massage therapist better access and direct contact with the skin.
  • Take slow, deep breaths throughout the session as it helps to relax the body and release more toxins.
  • To banish irrelevant thoughts from racing through their heads by concentrating on the feel of the therapist’s movements over their bare skins.
  • Get off the massage table after the session very slowly as dizziness may set in otherwise.
  • Absorb the full results of the massage treatment by allowing some quiet time in a peaceful place.
  • Drink extra water after the massage to flush out and wash away the toxins released during the treatment.

The Hot Stone massage is beneficial in many ways as it promotes deep muscle and soft tissue relaxation, eases stress, releases toxins, alleviates pain, improves circulation and calms the mind. Quite appropriately, therefore, there is an impressive list of ailments which are treated with Hot Stone massages and they are:

  1. Muscle aches and pains due to over use, injury or stress.
  2. Back pain caused by injury, poor posture or misuse.
  3. Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
  4. Arthritis.
  5. Fibromyalgia.
  6. Stress, anxiety, nervousness and depression.
  7. Insomnia.
  8. Any number of circulatory problems.

The Hot Stone massage requires specialized training, it involved more preparation time for disinfecting and heating the stones, the session are often somewhat longer than usual and more time is spent cleaning up. As a consequence, the Hot Stone massage tends to be more costly than any other conventional and basic Swedish massage. But it is worth it and you are worthy of it!

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Discover your own happiness

Discover your own happiness

Discover your own happiness article post is for anyone interested in a better physical health, sport and injury prevention.

This is for all of you out there who are like most of us; too busy and too cash poor to treat ourselves to massage therapy on a regular basis or at all. That is indeed an unfortunate self denial. However, this particular denial can never guide us to also deny the fact that we can all use the benefits of massage therapy for it is not a mere luxury of the superfluous nature but an inherent need. As a matter of fact, massage therapy is deeply embedded into the fabric of our being and we all instinctively practice it to some extent without ever calling it that.

Discover your own happiness explained

What do we do when our tummies hurt, when we have headaches, when we stub our toes, when our muscles tighten and cramp and so on and on? We automatically and without contemplation or forethought place our hands to the areas of discomfort to press and rub. Guess what? That is self massage therapy. And self massage therapy is every bit as effective and beneficial as any other kind of massage therapy, and it can be performed at any time and at any place to accommodate our unforgiving schedules and at no cost.

However, there are some parts of our bodies which are difficult to reach and therefore impossible to self massage. There are also times when our own two hands are too fatigued or sore to perform the self massage therapy we need. Furthermore, there may be certain situations that would require our hands to be put to other uses while we wish we could do some massaging. For those reasons, some very intuitive and insightful inventors designed self massage devices which can resolve these issues without depriving us of a good massage.

Discover your own happiness
Physical Sports

Discover your own happiness with a massage

Massage devices are by no means new concepts as implements have been used on peoples’ bodies for many centuries throughout the world:

  • Mesopotamia and Egypt. Some writings indicate that the Mesopotamians and the Egyptians used a variety of objects to manipulate the body and those would date as far back as 3000 B.C.
  • China. The oldest massage tool that has been discovered thus far is made out of jade and it was used in the Longshan culture of China during the Shang dynasty and dates back to about 2000 to 1500 B.C. — a massage knuckle.
  • At approximately the same time, tools carved of wood or animal bones were used to apply pressure to painful points in the body, and needles carved out of wood were used to treat gout.
  • Greece and Rome. Stones (jade, marble, basalt and others) were allegedly used either hot or cold by the Greeks and Romans in 175 B.C.
  • The strigil, rubbing cloths and tapotements made of ebony, wood or bone were also used in the Roman and Greed empires and flagellation (self beating) was practiced with the use of twigs or leafy branches.
  • England. The English shaped needle-like instruments to alleviate the symptoms of gout.
  • An English veteran of the American Revolution, Admiral Henry of Rolvenden, created a large collection of tools to treat his own aches and pain. He drummed his back with a hammer covered with cork and leather; he made a few wood carvings to pound the soles of his feet, he used cattle ribs to loosen the knots along his tendons and to stroke certain parts of his body and he fashioned small bone gadgets to massage the inside of his mouth.

Discover your own happiness and well being with traditional remedies

Pacific Islands. The Polynesians used a thinly curved limb shaped out of the indigenous guava tree called the laau lomi-lomi stick as well as rounded lava rocks called lomi balls. Both these devices tools were used for rubbing, pounding and pressing.

In the 1890s the Health Culture Company of New York introduced an entire line of manual self massage devices and those have been used widely ever since, even more than the electronic devices which began flooding the market in more recent years.

The selection available to you today is extraordinary and the prices are surprisingly low. Among them are rollers, balls, percussion sticks, mats, vibration devices, and much, much more. All you need to do is visit websites such as Amazon shopping.

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Eastern Massage Technique

Eastern Massage Technique

Eastern Massage Technique is one of many massage techniques in existence today; some of them stemming from the far Eastern World of antiquity while others originated in the more recent years of the Western world. Although they were born out of very different philosophical and cultural persuasions, each of these obtainable massage techniques provides some aspects of relaxation but none does it as thoroughly as does the one which was born in Austin, Texas and christened as the Zen Massage. Zen, by the way, is an ancient Chinese discipline which means “meditation” and it focuses on the meditative portion of the dharma practice and the experiential wisdom which is also called the zazen or the path of enlightenment. It, therefore, steers away from theoretical knowledge and theology.

Eastern Massage Technique

By reaching into the very heart of hearts of every cell of the body, the Zen Massage epitomizes what utter and unequivocal calm, peace and a relaxed state of being feels. Combining an assortment of highly sophisticated and time tested and proven techniques, the Zen Massage affords its subjects a spontaneous soothing and an energy balanced experience of picture perfect enormity.

Eastern Massage Technique explained

The various features which are part and parcel of the entirely therapeutic Zen Massage treatment are as follows:

  • The Heated Stones. This is a curative procedure which makes use of hot stones which are moved along the subject’s muscles in smooth gliding motions and well calculated pressure.
  • The Hot Towel Pore Cleanse. This purifying treatment involves the use of freshly steamed towels applied to the entire body. The heat of the towels opens the pores to cleanse and revitalize the outer skin (epidermis) while also reaching into the lower layers, the dermis and the hypodermis.
  • he Bio Mat. The Bio Mat calms down and relaxes tight and sore muscles while it quiets and soothes irritated nerves. The Bio Mat transports the subject into the realm of a complete state of wellbeing on the physical as well as on the psychological levels.
  • The Aromatherapy. Pure essential oils are used for this aromatherapy treatment to help the subject relax as stress is melted away and complete balance and wellness overcome him or her.
  • The Peppermint Bliss Foot Massage. The peppermint bliss foot massage smooths and softens tired and aching feet for a feeling of harmony and peace which radiate from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head.
  • The Zen Massage therapy is a noninvasive and natural massage treatment which has been clinically proven to be completely safe while being highly effective in relieving stress which has also been proven to be the leading cause of countless physiological and mental health problems. Some of the most significant benefits that have been attributed to the effectiveness of the Zen Massage therapy are:
  • The lowering of high blood pressure which in medical terms is referred to as hypertension and has been often spoken about as the “silent killer.”
  • The improvement of the REM sleep. The REM stands for rapid eye movement and it is characterized by, you guessed it, rapid eye movements. It also includes rapid low voltage EEG which is commonly spoken of as brain waves. On the average, a healthy adult spends approximately 20 to 25 percent of a total night’s sleep in the REM phase and it is essential to good health.
  • The decrease of fatigue of the body and the mind which naturally leads to enhanced concentration and improved motor skills.

In conclusion, the Zen Massage therapy helps its subjects to release their worries, unwind their bodies, relax their tensions, quiet their minds and ease their senses.

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Vitamins and Supplements for a Youthful Life

Vitamins and Supplements for a Youthful Life

Vitamins and supplements for a Youthful Life through supplying all of the nutritional needs of the body and the human eleven organ systems. Vitamin E and Vitamin C have extraordinary anti-aging powers, but Beta Carotene is the one antioxidant that you can’t live without if you want to stay young. Beta Carotene, most commonly extracted from carrots, has extra antioxidant powers that fill in where other supplements like Vitamin E and Vitamin C leave off. In fact, Beta Carotene fixes a whole host of other problems including cancer, heart disease, cataracts and failing immunity. In other words, Beta Carotene supplements taken regularly can aid with curing many health problems.

Vitamins and Supplements for a Youthful Life
Variety of food images on white background, forming a food pyramid

Vitamins and supplements for a youthful Life energy

Beta carotene can also be found in carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apricots and spinach, if you eat enough of these foods. If you don’t eat a lot of these fruits and vegetables, it’s best to take beta carotene supplements.

There are a lot of vitamins and supplements for youthful skin, but Beta Carotene supplements stand out above all the rest. Beta Carotene supplements keep skin younger by diffusing the youth-stealing free radicals that corrupt and destroy skin’s cell structures. Beta Carotene can also convert over to a type of Vitamin A once it is inside the body, which has anti-aging attributes of its own.

Beta Carotene supplements are also an essential antioxidant for fighting cancer. Study after study shows that people with high levels of Beta Carotene in their blood are about half as likely to get cancer as those who don’t. Beta Carotene specifically protects against cancers of the lungs, stomach, mouth, breast, and bladder. Beta Carotene is particularly helpful for smokers, who are four times less likely to develop certain lung cancers by maintaining high levels of Beta Carotene in their systems.

With long-term dosage, Beta Carotene supplements can ward off cardiovascular disease. Beta Carotene supplements taken regularly slows the progression of plaque buildup in the arteries and prevents them from getting clogged. Beta Carotene supplements taken regularly can also prevent strokes. However, it must be noted that no results are likely until Beta Carotene supplements are taken for at least two years. In order to remain effective, Beta Carotene supplements must always be taken. The Alliance for Aging Research recommends taking ten to thirty milligrams a day for life.

Vitamins and supplements for a youthful life dynamics

Healthy functioning of the immune system is one more benefit derived from taking Beta Carotene supplements. Those who take Beta Carotene supplements on a daily basis will have boosted levels of natural killer cells, T-helper cells, and activated lymphocytes. These immune cells are important in fighting cancer as well as viral and bacterial infections.

To make the power of Beta Carotene even stronger, it should be used with the other two incredible antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Used together, these three antioxidants are almost unstoppable when it comes to disease prevention. The combination of all three of these antioxidants is far better at slowing down the clogging and hardening of the arteries and thus, essentially better at preventing heart attacks and strokes. The power of three works the same way with cancer, with these three antioxidants becoming much more powerful when combined.

As you can see, Beta Carotene supplements do much more than give you younger looking skin. Over time, they can literally save your life. Again, it must be emphasized that the powers of Beta Carotene supplements can only be enjoyed with long term usage. Remember, the key word here is prevention. Beta Carotene is not a quick fix for any serious ailments and should not be substituted for real medicine. It must be used faithfully over time to achieve the incredible health benefits mentioned here.

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Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging

Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging

Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging when you looking for a solution to fight the aging process? Vitamin E supplements have long been used to keep people feeling and looking younger. Vitamin E is the number one supplement that is universally accepted to fight aging above all other antioxidants. In fact, the anti-aging properties of Vitamin E supplements have become legendary among researchers worldwide. The claims of success with Vitamin E supplements to fight aging have become so strong, that some medical professionals feel that Vitamin E is the most important supplement consumers should take to fight the aging process.

Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging
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Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging

But what makes Vitamin E supplements so powerful? Vitamin E supplements fight the gradual clogging and hardening of the arteries, technically known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis occurs mainly because bad-type LDL blood cholesterol is chemically altered by attacks from free radicals in the blood stream. This chemical alteration, or oxidation, makes this cholesterol able to enter the artery walls, where it becomes plaque. This plaque then builds up on the artery walls and eventually clogs and hardens the arteries. Vitamin E enters the LDL cholesterol molecule and prohibits it from oxidizing, thus preventing heart disease in older adults.

Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging by rejuvenating

Vitamin E supplements also rejuvenate the immune system. A university study on aging proves this point. A group of people over the age of sixty with poor immune systems were given Vitamin E for thirty days. The results were that their immune systems shot back up to almost the level of people in their twenties. This was an improvement of almost 80-90%. It is believed that this works because Vitamin E as a supplement helps guard the fat in the membranes of immune cells from being oxidized by free radial attacks. It must be noted that because the people in the study were not deficient in Vitamin E, it was the extra dose of Vitamin E from the supplements that caused the improvement in the test subject’s immune systems.

Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging and to undo free radicals

Because it stops the free radical chain reaction that destroys cells, Vitamin E supplements fight a lot of other illnesses caused by aging as well. Vitamin E also prevents cancer and blocks the growth of cancer cells and protects the brain from degenerative diseases. It relieves arthritis symptoms; fight cataracts, and helps with decreased blood flow to the arteries. Incredibly, Vitamin E supplements are almost a one-stop shop when it comes to fighting the aging process in the human body. Vitamin E can also be applied topically to the skin as well. Vitamin E creams and lotions have all kinds of healing and anti-aging properties to reduce the look of aging.

If you are suffering from any ailments caused by free radicals that are destroying healthy cells in your body, Vitamin E supplements may help stop this process. Studies show that as little as 100 IU’s of Vitamin E daily, in addition to the Vitamin E that you get from food can produce measurable results. However, in order to see real benefits, the daily dosage should be at least 400 IU’s on a daily basis. This seems to be the agreed upon amount of Vitamin E needed to effectively tackle the free radicals that may be destroying healthy cells. Studies further show that it appears safe to take up to 800 IU’s of Vitamin E a day for this purpose. However, like any alternative medication, it is important to check with a doctor before you take any dosage of Vitamin E to fight free radicals in your bloodstream to fight aging.

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