Dos and Don’ts of High School Dating

Dos and Don’ts of High School Dating

Dos and don’ts of high school dating maybe obvious in hindsight, but the wisdom on this article is to focus that information so that it is preventative in nature for anyone not enlightened by the experience.

Are you a high school student who is new to dating? If so, you need to familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts of high school dating. By doing so, you are less likely to suffer from embarrassment or upset a girl.

Dos and Don’ts of High School Dating
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Asking for a Date.

DO look beyond looks. Of course, you want to date a girl that is attractive, but it is important to go for more. Dating is not a popularity contest. Being with the hottest girl in school is nice, but make sure she has a good personality too. So look beyond looks. Find a girl that has similar interests as you or one with a great personality.

DON’T use a girl.

As previously stated, you should ask a girl on a date because you like her. For that reason, do not use a girl. If you want to be popular, rely on your own personality to get you there, not a girl from school. Only date girls that you truly like or have an interest in, not because she may increase your popularity ranking.

DO be confident with the opposite sex.

When asking a girl on a date, confidence is important. With that said, if you are nervous or excited, that is fine too. The best approach to take is to just ask. Don’t spend hours worrying about how to ask or if she will say no. Just say the words. By doing so, your confidence will show.

DON’T be too confident and get cocky.

Yes, confidence is good when asking a girl on a date, but it is important to use it in moderation. Are you a popular student who is asking a quiet girl on a date? You might assume she would love a date with you just because of who you are. Yes, this may be true, but never let it show. You can do a lot of damage by making a girl feel it is an honor to date you.

The Date

DO ask for suggestions. Unless you asked your girl for a date by mentioning a movie you want to see, ask her for suggestions. This approach is good if you barely know the girl in question. Don’t plan a day of hiking and a picnic if your date doesn’t enjoy physical activity.

DON’T try to hard too impress her. Many guys make mistakes on first dates. This is okay and common. One mistake you don’t want to make is trying too hard to impress her. Don’t brag about all of your accomplishments. Yes, you can mention the winning touchdown you scored at the last game, but do it once and then move on.

DO ask your date about herself. Not only should you avoid talking too much about yourself on a first date, but you should ask your date about herself. When doing so, be sure to avoid too many personal questions. Is your date’s parents divorced? If so, don’t ask her to go into more detail, as it is considered bad taste on the first date.

The Relationship

DON’T say I love you too soon. In high school, a lot of couples exchange I love yous. If you want to say it, go right ahead, but always proceed with caution. Never say the phrase sooner than one month into your relationship and consider waiting longer.

DO have fun. Of course, you can and should take a high school relationship seriously, but always remember to have fun. If you and your girlfriend spend more time arguing than having fun, it is time to move on. Relationships should be fun, so make sure yours is.

DON’T let a breakup consume you. Relationships in high school are all about fun, not about finding your soul mate. If that works great, but if not move on. Find another girl you like and ask her on a date. Just make sure she isn’t friends with your ex-girlfriend. That is a can of worms you don’t want to open.

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