Team Productivity Structure Building

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Team Productivity Structure Building

Team productivity structure building is in a way saying that people attitudes are contagious, whether they are positive or negative they are passed on from person to person, in various ways.

Employee goal setting increases employee productivity and profits because it builds a strong foundation of employees for the business to prosper. It gives an external focus that assures the efforts of the human resource department since its builds performance culture and coordinated efforts among all employees.

It is also important for employee appraisal or bonus system because without goals, achievements are not easily gauged or measured.

Ultimately, it helps to provide a competitive advantage because of the products and services offered are superior to the company’s direct competitors in the market.

Team Productivity Structure Building
House project with model, pencil and rules

Pointers on employee goal setting

– set goals that will tie employees into the success of the organization. Financial incentives and bonuses can be the basis to encourage hard work and teamwork among your employees. This will also show that you value your employees’ contribution to the company’s growth.

– set annually modified goals at the beginning of the year. This is a good way to start your new year.

– set the goals with employees. They are the best source of information about what they can contribute to increase over-all productivity. It eliminates the potential for resistance that can arise when goals are forcibly imposed without taking any reference to what they think and want.

– make specific, measurable and attainable employee goals. Do not set goals that are too high for your employees to reach – this gives way to losing your employees’ fervor in work and support. Be specific as well for a general goal does not exactly show what they should and should not do.

– show consistency. Give the same goals to all employees with the same functions in your organization. Giving various guidelines for the same group of employees will result to resistance and rivalry (remember that you want your employees to work together for the company). You can also be held legally responsible for charges of discrimination.

– goals do not necessarily be associated with sales. It may still be necessary to practice cost cutting measures even when profit is good.

Other things you must be able to do with employee goal setting are:

– create employee goal sheets
– facilitate team goal setting conferences
– align employees’ goals with corporate goals, among others.

Team productivity structure building summary

There are customized performance management solutions that help you maximize employee productivity while simultaneously improving employee loyalty and morale.

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